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Cosmic Times 2019

Share your students' visions of the 2019 issue of Cosmic Times with us!

Do your students have a version of the 2019 issue of Cosmic Times? How much closer will we be to solving the mysteries of dark energy and the nature of the universe? What tools will we have then that we don't have now?

We want to know what your students envision for the next steps in understanding the nature of our universe. After all, they are the next generation of scientists and engineers who will be working on these questions. We will chose a few of the best submissions to share in a Student Gallery.

What you need to do

  1. Do the Cosmic Times 2019 lesson plan with your class (Download the file: doc, pdf).
  2. Send us the following:
    • Your class creation(s) These can take the form of print materials (like an "old fashioned" newspaper or a newsletter), web pages, audio podcasts, or videos – it is up to you and your class to decide what form the news will take in 2019.

      For video or audio submissions, we would also like a copy of the transcript.

      Email the file or link to your students' creation to: Barbara Mattson

    • Release forms In order to consider your students' contribution(s), we need signed releases from every student who worked on the project. You can send them either by email or postal mail. If you have scanned versions of the signed forms, just email them to the address above. If you want to send physical copies, request our address when you make your email submissions.

      Release form: PDF, doc

  3. Other considerations:
    • Privacy disclosures
    • Copyrighted images and media The copyright of any images or media used in your class submission must be considered and respected. All images and video/audio clips must include a credit that cites the source of the media. Any media that has a copyright must include appropriate permissions in order for us to use the project in our Student Gallery.

      Read more on copyright considerations.

    • What will go into the Student Gallery? We will choose a few of the best submissions to showcase in the Student Gallery – not all submissions will appear in the gallery.

      There are a few things that will ensure your contribution does not go into the Student Gallery; please make sure to avoid them:

      • Any submission that comes without student release forms.
      • Any work with uncited images or media, or any with copyrighted materials that does not have the appropriate permissions.
      • Any work that contains plagarized material – quoting from a source is fine, as long as it is indicated as such and appropriately attributed.
      • Contributions that are not based in science. While the central idea of Cosmic Times 2019 is to speculate what we will know in a few years, those speculations must be based in today's science and technology. We are in favor of way-out ideas, but they must have some grain of current science upon which they are built.

If you have further questions, please email Barbara Mattson

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